These pre-destroyed sneakers are only $1425/pair

There are some things I will never understand. This pair of high-tops by “Paris-based fashion house” Maison Margiela is definitely one of them.

Looking like something the cat dragged in (after ripping it apart with its claws for hours), these heavily-distressed, pre-destroyed –sorry “Future Destroyed”– sneakers will set you back $1,425/pair. Oops sorry, you’re out of luck, they’re already sold out of them over at Neiman Marcus.

Instead, may I suggest you go find a nice wood chipper and mangle a pair for yourself? (I checked, the majority of wood chippers out there are cheaper than these sneakers.)

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Alarm clock dropped inside wall still going off daily after 13 years

Thirteen years ago, Pittsburgh’s Jerry Lynn carefully lowered an alarm clock on a string, lowering it into a wall from the floor above, part of a cunning plan to identify where to drill a hole by waiting for the alarm to go off. Unfortunately, the string snapped, and the clock’s been going off daily ever since.

This endoscopic camera helps diagnose problems in small spaces

Whether you desperately need to locate your wedding ring in the sink drain or accurately determine how much hair is clogging your shower, this Waterproof Endoscopic Camera will give you a clear window into your home’s tightest crevices.

This rugged camera comes with an adjustable LED lamp to illuminate the situation. Its 720p HD resolution provides plenty of detail for your view, which streams directly to your phone over WiFi. The camera snakes 3 meters long to help you get a read on crawlspaces, pipes, and mechanical interiors and an IP67 waterproof rating ensures it can be completely submerged in water.

You can get this WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera here for $32.99.

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Pizza slice-shaped bags for, well, your slices of pizza

Storing individual slices of pizza, and other triangular food, just got a whole lot easier thanks to these Pizza Bags by ThinkGeek. One first world problem solved!…Stop trying to shove the entire pizza box on a shelf where it doesn’t really fit anyway, and start storing your leftovers properly! These Pizza Bags are just the thing to keep each individual slice safe from the elements inside your fridge that are out to ruin your perfect pie slices.SHARE /TWEET /29 COMMENTSpizza / Pizza bags / Pizza storageRusty Blazenhoff–