These pre-destroyed sneakers are only $1425/pair

There are some things I will never understand. This pair of high-tops by “Paris-based fashion house” Maison Margiela is definitely one of them.

Looking like something the cat dragged in (after ripping it apart with its claws for hours), these heavily-distressed, pre-destroyed –sorry “Future Destroyed”– sneakers will set you back $1,425/pair. Oops sorry, you’re out of luck, they’re already sold out of them over at Neiman Marcus.

Instead, may I suggest you go find a nice wood chipper and mangle a pair for yourself? (I checked, the majority of wood chippers out there are cheaper than these sneakers.)

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Extreme Kayaking – Have These Kayakers Lost Their Mind?

Posted on January 17, 2016 by Jamie

To the average person, the prospect of negotiating a stretch of raging white water in a small canoe would be the definition of insanity, but to a professional kayaker, the more dangerous it is, the better. Extreme kayakers deliberately go out of their way looking for the steepest waterfalls and most treacherous descents. Their aim is to smash previous world records and film their exploits for others to marvel at.